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Black Mall St. is a net-worth network for Black businesses and an effort to create a virtual mall for the Black business community. Black Mall St. is a curator of content and connection between companies and consumers to improve and increase the access, awareness, and application of resources that both Black individuals and institutions need to thrive. We exist to strengthen and support healthy communication, cooperation, & collaboration between companies & consumers to build whole communities.

For independent social, civic, and economic ecosystems for Black communities, we are working the echochamber of Black businesses that collectively provide our community with all of its resource, product, and service needs, Black Mall St. holds space for community and capacity building among Black businesses. We market, advertise, and promote Black businesses, and create sales, service, and support programming that keep consumers, commerce, and capital circulating in Black communities.

Black Mall St. is not about just about the capital, commerce, and currency in our community. It is about community itself. It is about Black businesses doing business with Black businesses. It is about infrastructure and inheritance, and generational wealth that emerges from it. It is about the ritual of buying Black, by Black. We are one of many in the pipeline to advance Black education, employment, entrepreneurship, the ability to enterprise, and land proprietorship. We are one of many working to uproot and uplift Black culture, heritage, and inheritance.

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